5 Stretches that get you through the job you hate

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Most of us find ourselves bound to a job that we dislike and dread; your colleagues, your boss, the work load, the commute, the alarm clock, the clients and the environment become unbearable at time. So much so, that you wish you could free yourself by quitting and never having to come back again. If you connect with these few sentences, you are one of many out there. Regardless of the job you are doing, your rank, or your title, you are in the same boat as many human beings in the work force.

Quitting may not be the best solution for you, therefore you probably need a valve to decompress. You need an outlet to release all the tension, and reinstate how you feel about the whole situation. I have developed a 15min stretching exercise that will reset your mind. It will reverse the sensations you have about your current job. It will give you the same euphoric sensations you had when you were first offered the job you now hate. You will be recharged with enthusiasm and highly enhanced with energy levels that will emanate in your work environment, interactions with your colleagues and even with your boss. I will share with you the secrets to a productive and fulfilled lifestyle.

Emotions can be expressed in different forms. These include sound effects such as screaming, crying and yelling; body language in forms of contracted facial muscles and unpleasant face making; some may
express their emotions through art or physical exercise. If however, emotions are suppressed due to social or environmental situations, these emotions then store themselves in the region of the hips. This is why most males, especially in Western societies, have tight hips. When hips are tight, it is because the person has a heavy load of emotional junk that needs to be released. There are five stretches that anybody can do to unload the backlog of unwanted emotions. The stretches take only 15min and they will change your entire life. Maximus Wellness will share with you the secrets to a productive, secure and fulfilled lifestyle.

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