Long term chronic effects of carrying your baby on your hip

Long term chronic effects of carrying your baby on your hip


Carrying your baby on your hip may put you at high risk of developing serious chronic ailments. Mothers often tend to juggle by placing their baby on the hip, usually on the dominant side. Just the posture alone knocks your body out of its natural alignment and compromises its structural integrity. The added weight of the baby exaggerates the tilt of the pelvis and the lateral curvature of the spine. This postural imbalance may lead to long term chronic issues such as hip, back, shoulder and neck pain. Resolving such painful ailments can be very difficult because they are often misunderstood by conventional therapists. Reinforcing the habit of carrying your baby on your hip results in the following anatomical misshape.








On the skeletal level, your pelvis tilts laterally to create a shelf with your hip bone. In an effort to keep the head in the middle, the spine compensates by forming another curvature in the lumbar (lower) part, resulting in a S shape of the spine. This is very similar to a condition known as Scoliosis (right photo). If uncorrected, the tilt and the curvatures become sculptured in the body, they exaggerate over time as the body ages and the muscles stiffen.



On the muscular level, the abductor muscles of the tilted hip (Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus) work harder to keep the body upright. The uneven contraction of these muscles creates rigidity, leading to tensional imbalance around the hip joint. This imbalance restricts natural movement of the femoral head in the socket. In the worst case scenario, it rubs against the cartilage and creates holes resulting in a premature disability. Mobility, especially in cold weather, becomes limited and painful even when performing simple tasks such as walking.
People with such symptoms will usually point to the back of their thigh to describe the “affected area” since it is the lower attachment between the hip muscles and the femoral bone. In certain cases, the pain shoots to the lower back, shoulders and neck. The pain persists for years and clients often report “ I have tried everything, but the pain doesn’t go away!”

Perhaps this is my issue, what can I do to resolve my pain?

There are a few approaches to resolving this problem, however, the success rate is low because as stated before, the problem is often misunderstood by conventional therapists. Also the healing process depends on many factors such as genetics, severity of the problem, effectiveness of the therapy/therapist…etc.

Some forms of massage therapy, for example, approach the problem by kneading the muscles around the “affected area”. The patient may experience a temporary relief but the pain returns like a nightmare. This happens because the patient points to the “affected area” where the problem does not originate. Kneading the muscles alone is not enough. Other approaches may involve surgery which may compromise the body once it is cut open. Also the success of such approaches may not be guaranteed.

What alternatives are out there?

Prevention is the best cure, but if the problem is already taking place, and you are seeking an alternative therapy, Maximus Wellness Stretching Therapy maybe the best option for you. Maximus now offers customized treatments in the US, Australia and UAE. Contact us for any inquiry


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Why should I consider an alternative therapy with Maximus Wellness?

The human body possess unique repairing mechanisms, if triggered with the right therapist, it achieves unparalleled results. The musculoskeletal system alone took millions of years of alterations to develop an intelligence of its own. Hence challenging conventional therapies that involve injections, pills and surgery. Maximus Wellness Stretching Therapy is a cutting edge holistic approach. It looks at your condition as a continuum of many evolutionary events. The stretching therapy uses your body’s natural resources to reverse its ailments.

Why does Maximus Wellness Stretching Therapy work for my hip pain?

Bad postural habits and stiffness may be the major cause of your problem. Therefore stretching and lengthening of the target muscles is a key. Muscles work in groups. When one single muscle is affected, the entire group malfunctions. Maximus Wellness Stretching Therapy is effective because it stretches the entire body. The therapy unwinds the muscles and releases tensional imbalance around the joints. Pain disappears and movement becomes effortless. Clients often report that they are afloat after the treatment.

How does Maximus Wellness Stretching Therapy work?

Stiffness in the muscles limit joint movement which obstruct natural flow of blood circulation. Blood transports oxygen and nutrients to the cell. If blood is lacking, cells get their energy by converting stored glucose into lactic acid, a waste product that causes muscles to fatigue and become more rigid.

Maximus Wellness Stretching Therapy cleanses your body of these toxins. Maximus applies gentle pressure; less than 1 pound for less than 2 seconds repetitively. This is all done while queuing your breathing rhythm. The pressure gradually lengthens the muscle as you inhale oxygen and you exhale lactic acid. This process expedites blood flow to the cells, allowing proper oxygenation and metabolism to take place. The target muscles unwind and fluids circulate freely in the body. Tensional imbalance around the joints releases, allowing space for weakened cells to rejuvenate and regrow. Chronic pain gradually diminishes and mobility improves. When the muscle is properly lengthened, it floats within its anatomical structure. That is why clients often state that they feel afloat after the treatment.

Do I stretch and that’s it?

Healing is a process that requires dedication and commitment. The more dedicated you are, the better you will feel. Maximus not only provides treatments, but also educates and teaches his clients how to apply self-stretches. This is convenient for people who travel often and/or are on tight schedules. For videos, material or workshops, please feel free to visit us at www.maximuswellness.com



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