Pain between shoulder blades is more prevalent in women.

Woman massaging pain neck

Women have breasts which is an extra weight that can pull the neck out of its proper alignment. The bigger the breasts are, the more susceptible women become to such chronic pains. Breasts are upheld with a muscle called the rhomboid muscle. A woman with large breasts and weak upper back muscles will experience chronic pain in the neck, between the shoulder blades and surrounding areas.

The constant weight of the breasts keeps pulling the neck, head and shoulders forward. The head is heavy and for every inch forward, the stress excreted on the spine and muscles multiplies. If a woman uses a computer then this posture will be exaggerated as she leans toward the screen. Users of a laptop are more susceptible to the pain than desktop users because they have to lean closer to be able to read a smaller screen. Eventually as the woman ages, she will experience more chronic pain due to breast and industrialised world related activities.

The solution to this lies in lengthening and unwinding all the muscles of the upper body. This includes, the chest, shoulders, upper back and neck muscles. Maximus Wellness resolves the pain between shoulder blades in a very methodic and natural way. We provide a sequence of stretches to open up the upper body muscles. This is done on a yoga mat, the client holds a block and stretches in different directions, the stretch is held for three breaths, one breath per second. In the next stage of the treatment the clients sits in a chair. the therapist assists the client by directing the stretch and applying gentle and repetitive force that is less than 1 Lbs for less than 2 seconds. This method allows the muscle to lengthen and unwind without compromising the integrity of the target muscle. This treatment is now available in Sydney and it is provided at the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

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