Yoga has traditionally been taught in a 1-on-1 setting
The path to healing was paved by a synchronic MindBodySpirit recognition between the Master and the Apprentice.
Each body is different and unique in its genetic make up and postural habits;
the Instructor must recognise the client’s individuality and guide according to their specific needs.
In recognition of the pioneers’ methods and intentions, we provide private sessions in the same tradition.

Steps (Initial Consultation to Programming)
* Postural Assessment – for more information click here
* Comprehensive Report – postural abnormalities, misalignments, full-body weight-bearing calculations
* Individualised Yoga Program – unique to the client’s needs based on report findings

Our approach is purposeful and highly effective as it devotes each movement to meet the client’s specific needs.

All reports can be obtained by client upon request.
All information is kept confidential.


Private sessions are scheduled in accordance with clients’ preferences


We provide sessions at Vaucluse Yoga Space


  • 10 sessions paid upfront, $1100 incl. GST