DOGA = Yoga + Dog

Dates: Wednesday, fortnightly
Time: 07:30pm
Location: Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic
60 Princes Hwy, St Peters

Remember the look on your dog’s face as you leave for your much needed yoga class? You no longer have to feel guilty about leaving your pet behind.

Doc Sam from Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic and Maximus from Maximus Wellness have partnered to bring you and your companion new and fun ways to workout together during a 30 minute Doga class.

Doga is a yoga practice between the dog and the owner. The male participant in yoga is called a yogi while the female participant is called a yogini. Doga equivalent is dogi and doggini.
 Many yoga poses were derived from observing animals stretch, such as downward facing dog, upward facing dog, three legged dog…etc. Doga is a genuine initiative to give back to pet welfare while attaining physical, mental and emotional benefits.

Doga serves as a regular physical health check for the pet. Owners get to touch their dogs in all body parts, therefore ensuring early detection of any abnormalities such as wounds, swells etc. Some owners may find doga therapeutical as it helps them get over the fear of checking gum health, teeth, clipping nails etc. As owners attend doga sessions, they expand their understanding of human and dog anatomy. This enables them to confidently assist their dogs in their stretch to maximise the benefits. Doga is truly an innovative opportunity to interact with your dog.

15032253_681976715311963_2309333673555898366_nMany people ask, “How can dogs stay still in Doga?”
It is actually very simple since Doga with Maximus is designed to synchronise calm energy between you and your pet. Ever felt that your anxiety creates hyperactivity or fear in your canine companion? Your state of mind is often times reflected by your dog. Dogs are highly sensitive beings who react to your energy and the environment around them. When we calm ourselves, dogs respond immediately. Doga is a unique opportunity that increases the bond and facilitates that telepathic communication. Enjoy 30minutes of undivided attention with your canine companion and establish a deeper bond as you learn to read, react and sync your energies.

This is not your average yoga class! Expect plenty of laughs in a fun and relaxed environment.