Corporate Wellbeing

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The Maxhealth Wellness Programme

The aim of the Maxhealth Wellness Programme is to address and combat the core health and psychological challenges that encumber our work force. These include:

1. Fatigue and lack of energy.

2. Diminished mental function and reduced memory capacity.

3. A declining capacity to deal effectively with stress.

4. Weight gain and ineffective strategies for promoting satisfactory and lasting weight loss.

5. Insomnia characterised by persistent, poor sleeping patterns.

6. Debilitating anxiety and depression.

Goals and outcomes of this programme.

1. Significantly boosting energy and productivity.

2. Enhanced mental function and improved memory skills.

3. Augmented capacity to deal with stress.

4. Maintained weight loss.

5. Healthier sleep patterns and elevated mood.

This programme offers three tiers which provide participants differing evaluation complexities depending on their needs and goals.