“Every child deserves first and foremost, the gift of health and balance in life.” – Maximus















Maximus taught at the Montessori Academy and combines 
his experience working with children
along with  his fitness expertise to bring a unique and effective Kids Fitness Program.

Yoga for Brain Boost, Stress Management and Athletic Performance

Our Kids Yoga Program is unlike any other yoga experience for kids.
We target the cognitive aspects of yoga. Through a balance of
mindfulness and athleticism, the instructor engages the child
in a series of “Brain Fitness” activities in a fun and safe environment.

Your Child will be:

  • Holding poses for balancing sequences
  • Increasing concentration through positioning and alignment
  • Training coordination through coordinated movements
  • Learning the Flow – one movement to one breath and boosting memory
  • Playing games targeting Leadership Skills
    In Round Robin we randomly pick a child to lead us through a yoga pose or a sequence of poses.
    In such games children harness public speaking skills,
    they overcome the fear of expressing themselves in front of others
    and they acquire mindfulness when commanding their peers.
    We believe that such skills are invaluable to their life-long success.


  • Increase academic performance
  • Soothe mind
  • Stimulate brain
  • Promote brain activities
  • Boost memory power
  • Improve mood & resilience

& more…

We conduct small group sessions to ensure each child receives the care and
dedication they deserve to thrive under our guidance.

Rates: $25 – 1 session (Reservation only)

Packages: $250 – 10 sessions (FREE Postural Screening & Nutritional Assessment)
$200 –  8 sessions  (FREE Nutritional Assessment)

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  • Daytime classes available by Reservation only