Sitting and tightness in the psoas causes lower back pain.

Low back pain treatment through stretching in Sydney, Australia.

Lower back pain is a global epidemic. It is more common among industrialised nations because of the lifestyle that requires human being to sit for long hours. When we sit, especially for long
periods of time, the anatomical structure of the body changes completely. When sitting, the gravitational weight exerts six times more force on the spinal discs and muscles have to counteract all of this force. The muscle that is mostly affected is called the psoas. It attaches between the lumbar spine (lower part of the spine) and the top of the thigh bone. When we sit, the psoas muscle contracts to pull the thigh closer toward the upper body. Holding
this position for hours sitting in a desk, driving, flying, lounging or a combination of all causes the muscle to shorten until it becomes tight over time. Tight psoas pulls on the discs of the lumbar spine (lower back) including L4,L5 and S1 which causes fatigue, discomfort and chronic pain.

psoas muscle

Solution for lower back pain in Sydney, Australia.

Lower back pain can now be resolved by proper and purposeful stretches. Maximus Wellnes provides a treatment in Sydney that can lengthen a tight psoas. It involves gentle and assisted stretches that unwind the targeted muscle, the psoas. This is all done while the client is lying down on a massage table (as in the picture below) Maximus Wellness will also teach you how to apply these stretches to yourself safely and efficiently.


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