Fans Say

Dr. Michael Elstein

3198732I have practised yoga for many years but in Maximus Escouri I have encountered a master and teacher with unique gifts both practically and spiritually, which has enabled me to boost  my flexibility and take my daily enthusiasm  for yoga practise to a whole new echelon.

Dr. Michael Elstein is a world renowned physician, specialising in anti-ageing and holistic medicine. He is the Author of Eternal Health & You Have The Power.



Jennifer Kim
At age 29, I suffer from chronic inflammation and have a suppressed immune system. 

Migraines, swollen glands and lymph-nodes, muscle aches, the flu… It’s a daily battle for me.
I take Maximus’ Deep Stretching Therapy twice a week and Athletic Yoga classes twice a week
as it proved to be the best medicine for me. 

I speak from experience when I was bed-ridden from yet another inflammation, suffering severe pms and had the flu. All this at once…
The Doctor’s put me on antibiotics and gave me strong pain-killers… Nothing worked.
In desperation, I sought after Maximus’ Deep Stretching Therapy and within half an hour into the treatment I felt immediate relief
from the excruciating pain running throughout my body. 

In my journey of recovery, I have tried everything here in Aus and in the EU. Doctors, Chiropractors, Therapists, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Metabolic Testing, the list goes on… Almost all of them did nothing or made things worse. I even joined the gym and got a personal trainer – they gave me shin splints and muscle tightness and my overall health did not improve.

I know that many suffer from chronic illnesses, and I have become a passionate advocate of DST and Athletic Yoga as it works for my overall well-being, pain management and chronic illness. I cannot recommend it enough. I believe everyone could benefit from it.

Chrisy Christou


I am practicing yoga to let the mind unwind & distress. I chose Maximus sessions because it’s not the same class every week. He helped me by making it easy to block out the outside world by focusing on every move. I improved core strength & flexibility. One thing I liked in particular is performing the yoga outdoors, it feels liked you’re at the end of the earth with the direct unspoilt views of the ocean. I found the experience very relaxing and a fantastic way to kick off my Sunday. I would recommend Maximus’ sessions to both those who have never done Yoga as well as those that are experienced in yoga and look forward to a class with an intimate group.


Franziska Konschak


am practicing yoga because I never expected it to be so much fun.
I chose Maximus sessions because he is a great teacher. His passion for yoga and stretching is contagious!
He helped me by improving my flexibility. Now I can touch my toes, which I never could do in my life before.
One thing I like in particular is the way he teaches. His calmness helped me to feel very confident even if I couldn’t do everything right away. He motivated me a lot in keep going and practicing.
I took advantage of my “lunch break” while at work to practice yoga with Max in order to create work life balance! I would recommend Maximus’ sessions to everyone who is keen to try new things and learn more about yoga and stretching.


Sebastian Bailey
12803144_655193577954530_7122138918390980721_nI am practicing yoga because I find it important to remain in a healthy balanced mental and physical state. I chose Maximus sessions because Maximus is an incredibly good teacher and instructor and really knows what he is doing. Maximus helped me by allowing me to expand upon and maintain my athletic goals The results were much greater flexibility, balance of body and mind, improved posture and wellbeing as well as peace of mind. I found the experience extremely enjoyable and relaxing I would recommend Maximus’ sessions to people who need to improve their posture, calm down/relax and improve their health and wellbeing


Irena Bailey

CIMG2061I am practicing yoga because after each session I feel refresh, beautifully streched and full of energy again
I chose Maximus sessions because I have tried many yoga classes over the years but yoga with Max is exactly what I was looking for and could not find anything better. He helped me by making me relaxed and calm. I improved  my posture, I am more flexible and my muscles are not stiff any more.
One thing I liked in particular was the fact that there is always something new and challenging, and the time goes very fast. The experience is always very joyful. I would recommend Maximus’ sessions to people who need to unwind or relax, or for anyone who has got a problem with their posture or muscular pain, as well as anyone who wants to stay young and healthy, stick with Max”s yoga classes!!