Vaucluse Yoga Space

Vaucluse Yoga Space offers an exclusive boutique experience for children.

Unlike commercialised mass yoga studios and gyms, we dedicate ourselves to providing intimate sized classes,
ensuring each client is actively engaged with the Instructor to achieve maximum results.

In class, boutique yoga is dedicated to providing clients:
* Individual adjustments
* Individual Modifications
* Guidance/Mentorship

Classes have been carefully and compassionately designed, available with beginner’s modifications to suit all levels.
We create a non-competitive environment.
We deliver classes that are authentic, kind and compassionate.

Maximus combines his unique experiences, having spread yoga in diverse settings worldwide –
gyms, military, resorts, schools etc. to bring you a Natural yogic routine.

MaxPower Flow
Vinyasa, Flow, Stick Yoga
Increase flexibility and mobility, Relieve tightness and tension, Muscle recovery and repair

MaxPower Athletic
Vinyasa, Fitness, Strengthening
Breaking the taboo that yoga is weak. We take inspiration from true yogis who commit to the practice for an effective full body workout

MaxPower Restorative
Vinyasa, Meditation
Designed to bring peace and focus back into your hectic life


Limited spaces – by Reservation only.

Contact Us here for Times and Reservations.


10 weeks upfront payment, $275 per child