Yoga and Longevity


The body is our primary dwelling. It is important to understand its intricate components as well as their functions. Most of my material is dedicated to yoga practitioners. However, students, health professionals and hobbyists will find the information presented here to be accessible and valuable. In this project, I will journey underneath the skin of the human body and explore its remote parts. I will use the model of yoga as it is trendy and simple. Also yoga covers most, if not all, possible ranges of motion. Some anatomical details may capture your interest and motivate you to investigate it through a pose that is being depicted. Therefore, I will have served the purpose of this page if it supports you in these explorations. Namaste!

Yoga and Modern Medicine:

Survival and longevity have been the ultimate quest of human existence. Scientific research in biotech and modem medicine has been fundamental to extending our life span. If we compare the human life expectancy between now and in the past, we notice a significant increase. In fact the life expectancy has doubled over the last few decades. In his book “Physics of the Future”, the theoretical physicist and co-founder of the famous string theory, Dr. Michio Kaku, quotes “I don’t think the time is quite right, but it’s close. I’m afraid, unfortunately, that I’m in the last generation to die”. In other words, the first immortal child is probably born somewhere today.
We are slowly beginning to unravel the mysteries of the genes of aging, we are on the path to immortalizing the mortal. Doctors are becoming the gods of mythology with the ultimate power: the power over life and death, the ability to heal the sick and prolong life. Foremost in our prayers to today’s medicine is deliverance from disease and illness (Dr. Kaku).
Even if we dig into human history, there is the Greek tale of Eos, the beautiful goddess of the dawn. One day, she fell deeply in love with a handsome mortal, Tithonus. She had a perfect body and was immortal, but Tithonus would eventually age, wither away, and perish. Determined to save her lover from this dismal fate, she beseeched Zeus, the father of the gods, to grant Tithonus the gift of immortality so that they could spend eternity together. Talking pity on these lovers, he granted Eos her wish.
But Eos, in her haste, forgot to ask for eternal youth for him. So Tithonus became immortal, but his body aged. Unable to die, he became more and more decrepit and decayed, living an eternity with pain and suffering (Dr. Kaku).
So that is the challenge facing modern medicine today. In such loop holes, faith and mystery begin…Yet, through this page, I will share with you the secret to longevity and youthfulness.

Next post is about “Yoga lesson from a cell”. Stay tuned

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